Shareholder Services

Security holders should contact Crown’s Share and Note Registrar if they have any queries in relation to their holdings. The contact details of the registrar are:

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited Yarra Falls
452 Johnston Street
Australia 3067 


GPO Box 2975
Australia 8060
Contact (within Australia):
Tel: 1300 659 795
Fax: (03) 9473 2500
Contact (outside Australia):
Tel: + 61 3 9415 4000
Fax: + 61 3 9473 2500
In addition, securityholders can obtain information about their holdings, or amend certain details directly, by visiting the registrar’s website,

Latest developments from Computershare investor services

An increasing number of investors now hold investments in more than one company. Computershare has created a new online service to investors to give you a ‘portfolio’ view of your holdings. It is called Investor Centre and it is available now at

Your virtual portfolio

Logging onto the investor centre, you will be able to view, for each of your securities managed by Computershare:

  • Your current holding balance;
  • The type of securities you hold (eg ordinary/preference shares);
  • The market price of your securities - on a 20-minute delayed basis;
  • The total market value of your holdings and your portfolio;
  • Your holding details;
  • Dividend history of your securities;
  • Price - historical share price against market indicators;
  • A link to the company website as available; and
  • Latest news on the companies.

After you have registered, you will receive a unique User ID (identification) and PIN (personal identification number) to enable you to make secure online updates to your holdings, such as a change of address. The service will be enhanced over time to allow for a broader range of transactions.

Help us save paper and costs

Shareholders who do not wish to receive Crown’s annual report should advise the registrar in writing. Alternatively, shareholders may lodge the instruction online by visiting the registrar’s website at There is an option for shareholders who do not want hard copies to be notified by email when Crown’s annual reports are posted on the Crown website, in the Annual Reports section.


A – if you have previously registered with Computershare’s investor centre

Go to Click on Investors, then Investor Centre, then select Login. Enter your user id and pin. Select holding details against the entry for your Crown securities. From there, click on Communication Details and follow the prompts. You will then be able to register your email details.

B – if you have not registered with Computershare’s investor centre

Go to You will need to enter your personal security information (Securityholder Reference Number or Holder Identification Number, family or company name and postcode). From there, click on Communication Details and follow the prompts. You will then be able to register your email details. Should you wish to change your instructions later, this may be done online or by notifying the registrar in writing. Shareholders who opt not to receive a hard copy of the annual report will continue to receive all other shareholder information.