$200 million National Philanthropic Fund

Our National Philanthropic Fund is a joint initiative of the Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations – with both organisations contributing $100 million.

Through the National Philanthropic Fund we seek to promote Indigenous education opportunities, the arts and culture, and partnerships with organisations that will provide opportunities for young Australians and encourage social cohesion. Underlying these priorities are learning, accessibility and engagement outcomes for young Australians – staying engaged with school and learning is the key to long-term positive outcomes, and this is the approach and message that our program partners are delivering.

At a glance, we are currently delivering multiyear financial support to over 120 programs, which will provide thousands of school students across Australia greater access to enhanced and creative educational programs, and pathways to employment and community re-engagement.

Supporting Indigenous Education 

Providing assistance to increase and improve the education opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is a priority for the Foundations.

We partner with organisations that provide a highly supportive school environment and engage students, family and the community in the design and, where possible, the delivery of the education program. These types of programs establish the trust and the sense of security that enables children not only to benefit from a consistent school-based education but to thrive in such a setting.

Supporting Australian Culture

Recognising the ability of the arts to engage and inspire, our National Arts Fund aims to improve the accessibility and availability of the arts to young Australians. As art can provide important cultural and social access points, it can be an effective vehicle to encourage engagement with education and community.

We support engagement with the arts from first experience through to professional practice as we recognise the power of the arts for education – nurturing creativity and development, improving school attendance, building confidence and learning skills that transfer into other disciplines.

Both our $30 million Western Sydney Arts Initiative and our $25 million Melbourne and Perth Arts Education Initiative are focussed on promoting creativity and supporting education – using art as the vehicle with which to engage with learning and the community.

All organisations with programs that meet the guidelines are invited to submit applications (here is the Western Sydney Arts Initiative Guidelines and here is the Melbourne and Perth Arts Education Initiative Guidelines), and this funding is allocated as multiyear grants. 

Supporting our Local Communities – Crown Employees Lead the Way

We have a broad range of programs which sit within our community partnerships. Their focus ranges from alleviating disadvantage to supporting people at risk.

Also within this Fund sits an allocation for smaller grants to recognise our employees’ work with the community and support employee-led fundraising initiatives. These programs are overseen by an Employee Advisory Committee.