Our Commitment

The Crown Resorts Foundation supports programs which help to provide more opportunities for young people to engage with their education, the arts and culture, and partner with organisations that encourage and foster social cohesion.

As the philanthropic arm of Crown Resorts, the Crown Resorts Foundation provides engaged financial support to programs with demonstrated success in the areas of the arts, community welfare, education, health care and research, and the environment.

Our goals are to:

  • provide opportunities for Young Australians;
  • help create opportunities for disadvantaged communities;
  • promote the development of the arts through support of arts programs/organisations that increase exposure and accessibility of the arts; and
  • create opportunities and provide support for Indigenous communities.
We will work towards achieving these objectives by:
  • investing our resources in selected community projects that are innovative, well-run and that will drive lasting social change;
  • funding multi-year partnerships with our community partners;
  • providing funding for organisations that promote the development of the arts through support of arts cultural programs or organisations that increase exposure and accessibility of the arts;
  • facilitating cooperation between our community partners and our targeted not-for-profit organisations to deliver unprecedented outcomes in Indigenous education and employment by developing a clear pathway that enables us to utilise the strengths of all groups involved; and
  • sharing with our stakeholders and the community the outcomes our community partners achieve.

Crown Resorts Foundation Board

The Crown Resorts Foundation Board oversees the operation and governance of the Foundation, which includes approving strategic grants, reviewing the Foundation's activities and establishing and monitoring strategy.

The work and decisions of the Crown Resorts Foundation are the responsibility of the Crown Resorts Foundation Board and are undertaken independently of the commercial interests of Crown Resorts Limited.

The Board consists of five members:

  • The Honourable Helen Coonan (Chair)
  • Ken Barton
  • Rowena Danziger
  • Professor John Horvath
  • Harold Mitchell

Crown Resorts Foundation Advisory BOARD

The Advisory Board will assist in the identification of projects that are in line with the Crown Resorts Foundation strategy in order to help facilitate the Foundation to achieve its goals.

The Advisory Board will provide strategic assistance to the Board regarding grant allocations, the structure of the grants and assist in the vetting of applicants. It will be involved in developing philanthropic objectives for Crown, staff engagement, partnership building and providing a source of expert advice when required.

The Advisory Board, chaired by Gretel Packer, consists of members who offer extensive philanthropic experience.