Crown’s Australian resorts operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and provide seamless luxury customer experience for millions of visitors a year. To meet this expectation sustainably, Crown Resorts has invested to reduce our emissions and environmental impact. Crown Resorts' efforts are largely focused on three major areas - energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction.

During the 2017 financial year, the footprint of Crown’s Australian resorts increased significantly with the addition of Crown Towers Perth. Despite this, Crown’s environmental performance improved in comparison to the 2016 financial year, achieving a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity of 5.8% per area, a decrease in water consumption of 5.2% per area and recycling rates remained steady with 70% of Crown’s waste diverted from landfill.

To continue improving these results, Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth are working together to develop and align strategies and programs across both properties that will further reduce the environmental impact and contribute to developing more sustainable practices. To engage our employees and business units, Crown Resorts has formed CROWNEARTH Committees with representatives from each major business across both properties with a focus on numerous energy, water and waste management initiatives to improve the overall sustainability performance of the business.

This year Crown Melbourne was excited to launch its industry-first Eco-Chef Program, established by Executive Sous Chef Bas Van Uyen and implemented across Crown’s food and beverage outlets. Our aim for the program is to deliver quantifiable savings that reduce Crown’s environmental impact and encourage proactive, sustainable behaviour by our employees. We are particularly proud of this employee-led program as it supports Crown’s environmental sustainability targets around energy, water and life-cycle management.

Crown Resorts continues to invest in resource monitoring and reporting systems that provide live building analytics data to relevant business units highlighting their electricity, gas and water consumption throughout both resorts. The systems provide each business unit with daily, weekly and monthly reports that show time-of-use data, so that resource savings opportunities can be identified and the effectiveness of programs can be monitored.
Crown Resorts has taken is environmental commitment one step further by partnering with Carbon Neutral to provide Crown Resorts customers the opportunity to offset their hotel, conference and event emissions, certified under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard. Once a customer ‘opts-in’, Crown Resorts will purchase carbon credits generated from the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor native reforestation project on their behalf. 

Crown Resorts' sustainability efforts were recognised in 2016, winning the Large Business category in the prestigious Premier's Sustainability Awards for its CROWNEARTH program. CROWNEARTH was also a finalist in The Melbourne Awards.

In addition to our internal programs, Crown Resorts continues to participate in a number of externally organised programs, including Sustabailitny Victoria’s TAKE2 program, Earth Hour, Clean-up Australia Day, Soap Aid and the Carbon Disclosure Project (for the eighth year running).