ENVIRONMENTAL sustainability

Crown takes a group-wide approach to environmental sustainability, aligning strategies and programs that further reduce the environmental impact and contribute to developing more sustainable practices, focussing on three key areas: energy, waste and water management.
Crown’s environmental sustainability program, CROWNEARTH, was introduced with a clear aim to deliver strategy, plans, actions and outcomes in environmental sustainability. The CROWNEARTH brand is instantly recognisable by managers and employees alike and signifies Crown’s commitment to the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and prosperity.
Crown’s well-established, employee-led CROWNEARTH Committees remain very active, focussing on numerous energy, water and waste management initiatives, as well as community focussed projects to improve the overall sustainability performance of the business.
During the 2019 financial year, Crown achieved a reduction in overall energy consumption (GJ) of 4% across Perth and Melbourne and a reduction of 4% energy consumption per area (GJ/m2).
Crown’s Recycle90 Program continues to be integral to Crown’s overall waste management strategy with approximately 70% of Crown’s waste diverted from landfill. Crown’s efforts in waste management for its Recycle90 program were recognised as Highly Commended by the Western Australian Government’s 2018 Infinity Waste Awards Program.
Crown Hotels recycle approximately 40 tonnes of soft linen per year; linen that is typically still in very good condition but no longer up to Crown hotel standards. CROWNEARTH volunteers, in partnership with housekeeping staff, coordinate the distribution of blankets, pillows and dressing gowns to various charitable organisations for reuse. Some of these organisations include The Lost Dogs Home, The Lort Smith Animal Shelter, Safe Steps and The Salvation Army. Crown Hotels’ efforts in environmental sustainability were recognised by the Victorian Tourism Accommodation Association, being awarded the 2018 Excellence in Environmental and Energy Efficiency award.
Crown understands that there is an expectation from the community and Crown’s guests that the use of environmentally harmful single use plastics be minimised. Crown’s single use plastic phase out program began in 2018 and over the past 12 months Crown is pleased with the progress made. Crown Melbourne’s owned and operated outlets have removed plastic straws altogether, offering paper straws on request only. Crown Perth’s staff dining room replaced plastic items with reusable stainless steel cutlery and reusable crockery, saving millions of single use plastic items from landfill each year. This approach is in line with Crown’s Sustainable Supply Chain Policy, whereby preference is given toward environmentally friendly, socially preferred products, services and materials.
Crown recognises that employees need to understand and be aligned to the environmental sustainability objectives, otherwise change is difficult to achieve and short-lived. The 2019 financial year saw a continued focus on staff engagement with regular events, training and communications to ensure staff and contractors are kept informed of Crown’s environmental performance and progress, and to continue to embed sustainability as part of Crown’s culture.
Crown also continues to participate in a number of externally organised programs, including Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program, Clean-up Australia Day, Earth Hour, Soap Aid, National Recycling Week and Plastic Free July.