Crown continues to work towards being a leader in sustainable business practices in the gaming and entertainment industry, focussing on three major areas: energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction.

During the 2018 financial year, Crown achieved a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity of 2.8% per area, Crown Melbourne reported a decrease in water consumption of 4.4% and Crown Perth recorded a 2% reduction in overall electricity consumption. Crown’s Recycle90 Program continues to be integral to our overall waste management strategy with approximately 70% of Crown’s waste diverted from landfill.

Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth work collaboratively, aligning strategies and programs across both properties that will further reduce the environmental impact and contribute to developing more sustainable practices.

Crown’s well-established, employee-led CROWNEARTH Committees were very active across both properties during the period, focussing on a number of energy, water and waste management initiatives to improve the overall sustainability performance of the business.

Crown Melbourne was excited to announce the successful installation of a 300 kilowatt PV solar power system on its Clarke Street building in February 2018. The system consists of over 900 solar panels and was recognised as the largest solar installation in the Melbourne CBD. The system has the capacity to produce over 400,000 kWh of renewable energy annually, equivalent to the power consumed by over 70 homes. It will reduce annual emissions by over 460,000 kg CO2-e, comparable to planting approximately 12,000 trees. This project showcases Crown’s commitment to sustainability, being just one of many energy conservation projects that Crown has completed over the last few years.

In 2018, Crown was pleased to launch its Sustainable Supply Chain Policy. This policy was developed to provide guidance in integrating environmental and social considerations in procurement decisions to promote a more sustainable way of doing business. Crown’s vision is to contribute to environmental sustainability and community development, whilst reducing the impact of our own operations through considered procurement decisions. Crown intends to leverage its influence as a large buyer and further support its suppliers to improve their own sustainability practices.

Crown recognises that policies and systems, whilst important, are not enough. Employees need to understand and be aligned with Crown’s environmental objectives, otherwise change is difficult to achieve and may be short-lived. The 2018 financial year saw a major focus on staff engagement across Crown’s resorts with regular events, training and communications to ensure staff and contractors are informed of Crown’s environmental objectives and progress, as well as to continue to embed sustainability as part of Crown’s culture.

In addition to the internal programs, Crown continues to participate in a number of externally organised programs, including Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program, Clean-up Australia Day, Earth Hour, Soap Aid, National Recycling Week, Plastic Free July and the Carbon Disclosure Project (for the ninth year running).