Provides Jobs & Training

Crown is making an unparalleled contribution to employing and training Australia’s hospitality workforce.

29,400 Jobs

Crown is Australia’s largest hospitality employer, providing jobs throughout our venues and supply chains which is equivalent to 4% of Australia’s hospitality workforce. In Perth, this number doubles, with Crown Perth employing 8% of Western Australia’s total hospitality workforce. Without Crown, almost 30,000 jobs would be impacted.


Crown plays an active role in addressing the hospitality industry’s skills gap. Crown College provides the training for 10% of all Certificate III hospitality graduates in its home states. In Perth, this doubles, with over 1 in 5 graduates coming from Crown College. Without Crown, Australia would be losing a significant number of skilled workers delivering high-quality experiences, inside the walls of Crown and beyond.

Key Figures

Job Contribution Across Australia

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